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You Asked (Repeatedly), We Delivered.

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AeroPress Posters Are (Finally) For Sale.

In the course of running the World AeroPress Championship we get asked a lot of questions, but for years now one question has cropped up with greater frequency than any other. Every other day it’s… ‘Where can I buy the AeroPress posters online?

2015 WAC Poster LG

And finally, we’re able to answer: ‘Right here at our sister site:

The premise is pretty simple: the most requested AeroPress Championship posters, published online, printed to order and shipped direct from Los Angeles, California to adoring AeroPress devotees worldwide.

Though we’ve been fielding requests for a way to buy competition posters for years now, but we could never quite settle on a solid enough reason to pursue it, so in the end, we chose two:

1) To help bring the World AeroPress Championship to more producing countries, and 2) To donate 20% of profits to the Gitesi Project.

The posters are printed on museum-grade Epsom lustre paper stock, and come unframed in either 18 by 24 inches (US$21), or 12 x 16 inches (US$17.50) formats. Postage is just $7.95 for the US, $11.95 for Canada and $14.95 for the rest of the world.


We’ve launched with 7 of our favourite designs, and will be adding 2 or 3 more posters per month. If you have specific posters you’d like to see featured, drop us a line at and we’ll see what we can do.

poster_18x24_wall_mockup (12)

For more information, check out our Questions? page or hit us up at

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