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2018 W.A.C Cupping Spoon

2018 W.A.C Cupping Spoon

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What does the spectacular and esteemed restaurant, The Wolseley, in London’s Mayfair have in common with the World AeroPress Championship? Literally nothing… except for spoons.

Whether you’re using one to lap at a $15 bowl of soup (The Wolesely), or slurping it back on stage while judging a competitor’s AeroPress brew, the spoon in your hand will have been custom-made by luxury silverware purveyors, W. Wright of Sheffield, England.

Our version changes with each season, and this edition is tastefully adorned with both W.A.C insignia on the handle and an ‘A-OK’ in the bowl.

Perfectly weighted and balanced in the hand; when you’re slurping with a W. Wright, everything is wright in the world.

Suitable for both coffee and soup, but ideally not at the same time.