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2018 W.A.C Poster

2018 W.A.C Poster

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Every year we’re charged with the increasingly-difficult task of coming up with a World AeroPress Championship poster that’s not only befitting of the ever-bigger competition itself, but that also trumps the poster from the previous season.

To pull it off for 2018, our Sydney co-hosts, Single O, enlisted the help of Kentaro Yoshida -- an artist they’ve worked with previously, who’s also penned work for the likes of the Pixies, Blink-182, and Vans. We capitulated, figuring, if it’s good enough for Frank Black, it’s good enough for us.

“We were introduced to Kentaro through another Sydney-based artist, Georgia Hill, who’s done murals and bag designs for us in the past. Kentaro is known for his intricate designs and skull motifs, which are inspired by motorcycle gang manga he read growing up in Japan." - Michelle, Single O

The artwork features a be-tonged hand gently lifting a chargrilled AeroPress from barbecue to a waiting slice of white bread, while a bottle of ‘Adler’s Own’ tomato sauce jiggles and spurts in excited anticipation, prompting one commentator (my five-year-old, wise beyond her years) to posit “uhh, you’re actually not meant to cook those things”.

These posters are A2 in size (that’s 42 x 59 cm, or 16.5 x 23.4 in for those playing in imperial), and are printed on 250gsm Ecostar silk stock, individually packed in tough cardboard tubes.