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AeroPress: Plungie Edition
AeroPress: Plungie Edition
AeroPress: Plungie Edition

AeroPress: Plungie Edition

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Ah, the AeroPress. It's not much to look at, but it gets the job done. Grinds and water go in, coffee comes out, pop the whole lot back into the cupboard.

Well, our latest custom job changes all that.

Resplendent in his coat of blue with surprised eyes popping out from beneath the brewing chamber, Plungie makes his global debut in the tangible form of AeroPress: The Plungie Edition.

Bringing style and character to your favourite brewer, the mascot of this year's World AeroPress Championship in London is yours to take home, place on a shelf, and radiate brilliance to all who gaze asunder.

There are currently only 150 pieces of this edition available, so don't snooze and snap one up today.


The AeroPress: Plungie Edition was designed by Max Blackmore, and produced in partnership with Tim Messenger.

NB: This is a collectable item. It does not ship with the usual brewing accessories. We don't recommend brewing with it.