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The Annual: Seoul Edition
The Annual: Seoul Edition

The Annual: Seoul Edition

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"Don't publish a book", they said. "No-one buys books", they said. Well, we just couldn't help ourselves.

In 2017, we gathered AeroPress lovers in their thousands, across more than 60 countries, for good times and the hard-out challenge of competitive coffee-making. It was such an epic year of AeroPress action that we couldn't resist capturing the whole season and jamming photos, results, recipes and features between two covers (again).

The Annual: Seoul Edition is packed to the gills with over 400 pages of great stories, winning recipes, every regional and national event, a full listing of competition results, and photographs galore.

The Annual

  • Dimensions: 215 x 275 mm
  • Page count: 432 including covers
  • Paper: 90g IQ Print 4/4
  • Weight: 1070g (approx.)