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Brew Recipe Dice
Brew Recipe Dice
Brew Recipe Dice

Brew Recipe Dice

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Like everything else in the coffee industry, we've taken an official James Hoffmann Idea™️ and rebranded it as our own (under license, of course). And just like the World AeroPress Championship itself, this set of brew recipe dice is designed to encourage exploration, trying new things, and above all, having a little fun.

“The AeroPress is a brewer of infinite potential and it’s time to try something new for your morning coffee routine! This is a set of 5 dice, that will produce one of 7,776 different potential recipes for how to brew your AeroPress. Roll all five dice at once and get a randomised recipe for how to brew.” - James Hoffmann

Each die in this set of five relates to a different aspect of an AeroPress brew recipe:

  • Ratio: the amount of coffee vs the amount of water.
  • Temperature: how hot or cool the water will be.
  • Grind size and time: grind size is hard to communicate accurately, so use this as a guide.
  • Brewing method: upright or inverted? Bloom or no bloom? All the big questions.
  • Stirring: how you agitate the coffee makes a big difference to the flavour. Trust us.

Do you dare throw caution to the wind and let Lady Luck decide how your next AeroPress will be brewed? These Brew Recipe Dice are a fun addition to any AeroPress lover’s range of accessories.