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Standart Magazine: Issue 12
Standart Magazine: Issue 12

Standart Magazine: Issue 12

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Standart Issue 12 is here, bringing you more in-depth coverage of coffee, design, and the people behind it all.

This magazine is all about asking the big questions and trying to find the answers over coffee, so why not take some time out and join a host of talented writers and artists for a fresh batch of articles and stories.

In this issue, Standart takes you from the genome of coffee right to the very edges of the cosmos, with pit stops at the foundation of democracy, post-conflict Colombia, and the white sands of Hawaiian beaches. How’s that for a journey?

Published quarterly and print only (how quaint), Standart dedicates more than 130 pages of beautifully designed and carefully curated content to the beauty of specialty coffee.

Sit back, slow down, and enjoy the beauty of the offline world.